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Reckless Mentality fabrics represent the prime combination of softness, comfort, stretch and most importantly, quality. We utilize exclusive machinery, craftsmanship and premium fabric technology to yield supreme clothing.

Rayon: ultra soft and allows for full circulation.

Combed-Cotton: Highly breathable natural soft and light feel.

Modal: allows moisture to evaporate (moisture wicking)

Polyester: wrinkle resistant, mildew and abrasion resistant. Allows moisture to dry quickly due to the hydrophobic fabric fibers.

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Navy Cotton Sweater

$49.00 $35.00

(1 customer review)
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Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 6 cm

1 review for Navy Cotton Sweater

  1. Alison Johnson

    One of the best purchases I ever made. I would highly recommend this product!

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