Certified Fabric Technology

Reckless Mentality fabrics represent the prime combination of softness, comfort, stretch and most importantly, quality. We utilize exclusive machinery, craftsmanship and premium fabric technology to yield supreme clothing.

Rayon: ultra soft and allows for full circulation.

Combed-Cotton: Highly breathable natural soft and light feel.

Modal: allows moisture to evaporate (moisture wicking)

Polyester: wrinkle resistant, mildew and abrasion resistant. Allows moisture to dry quickly due to the hydrophobic fabric fibers.

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Our Mission and Promise
Launched out of Dallas, Texas, Reckless Mentality was built so that we could provide quality clothing for all sizes. When we first entered the fitness world, we were surprised at how many companies only catered to certain physiques; small waist, broad shoulder and slim torso. There was a big gap in the diversity of sizes provided. So we set out to not only fill that gap but design a company where we could offer stylish, durable and unique high-quality clothing at an affordable price. Our main goal is for each individual who put on our apparel to feel confident, comfortable and ultimately enhances their performance. Whether you're a size XS or 4XL, Reckless Mentality has you covered.
We hand pick each piece of fabric to ensure that each time that you put on our clothing, you'll feel the quality. Our clothes are stitched with the finest premium material on the market and crafted with the latest technology. We use high-quality rayon which is ultra soft and allows for full circulation of air. We add combed-cotton to each product to provide a highly breathable, natural soft and light feel. We also include polyester which allows moisture to evaporate quickly and aids in the durability of the fabric fibers. With high-quality fabric technology, Reckless Mentality is able to provide you with premium comfort.